Iran Mall library is one of the most beautiful features of the complex inspired by Jondishapur or Gondishapur University, dating back to the rule of the Sassanids 17 centuries ago, which is one of the ancient universities in the Middle East. You can observe the amazing combination of Iranian and European architecture in this building. It covers and area of 3300 m2 and holds over  50000 books, including some priceless lithography copies and manuscripts. It presents the image of a great luxurious library to the visitors. Construction of Jodishapur library in the vicinity of a shopping center is the first of a kind in the world and in Iran. The flexible ceiling with its skylights to pass the daylight make this library even more amazing, allowing you to walk through it without coming across columns. The floors are decorated with arabesque patters and mahkam, Khoy, cream Persia, black Persia, and brown Persia.