Sharbatkhaneh [house of drinks and sherbet] is the historical archetype of today’s coffeeshops. Our great grandparents once used to spend pleasant times in such venues. After entering Iran Mall garden, you can see a beautiful façade modeled after Chehel Sotun, which is the main access to Timche. When you walk in through the left porch, you can find Sharbatkhaneh to your right, which features Timurid style architecture with magnifique tileworks and mirror works. It covers an area of 250 m2 and sits 60 people. You can order various types of traditional herbal drinks here. In fact, Iran Mall is like a seashell that has inside it very exquisite buildings such as Mirror Hall, Sharbatkhaneh, etc. They manifest a whole new level of harmony between modern and traditional architectural styles, and hence showcasing a world-class masterpiece.