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Robin’s policies define goals and plans to maximize resource efficiency, manage operations, and define communications and mechanisms. Projects need to achieve their goals, including completion on time with an approved budget and with desired quality requirements. Robin has advantages such as automatic management of activities, simplification of estimates and accounts, planning and scheduling, management of workload allocation and document management, which can manage multiple projects and monitor their process.

An important part in designing is knowing the possibilities, limitations, weaknesses and strengths of the project. At this stage, by collecting field information and examining the situation, available data and statistics, national and regional rules and regulations, and receiving the employer’s comments and needs, an overview of the project as a whole is obtained and constitutes the study phase of the project. Part of the services that are provided by designers in the initial studies stage include feasibility studies and analysis of the success rate of the project according to the design needs. Examining the data resulting from these studies helps to determine the use of the project and the appropriateness of the infrastructure of different parts in architectural design. These services will be very vital and fruitful especially for private sector employers who can perform feasibility studies in a specialized manner. Undoubtedly, the most sensitive and challenging part in the design process is converting the idea into a form. This stage is the creation of the form. How to transform an idea into a form depends on various factors, among which we can mention the project concept, the experience of the designer, and the total of forms. Usually, the initial image of the project form is formed in the mind of the designer in a moment, but its completion and matching with Architectural ideas on the one hand and with the required functions of the project on the other hand, cause this process to take time and play the most important role in the completion of the architectural design process, and this is gradually formed in the first stage of the project. In the stage of creating the form, based on the understanding and experience of the architect engineers of the structural issues, the mutual influence of the structure and the architecture and the internal architecture and the mechanical and electrical installations are taken into consideration and the more the designer’s knowledge in this field, the more the designer has in the design. The architecture of the project idea is further elaborated and completed. Sometimes, with a double emphasis on the structural structure, the architectural form is formed based on the structural rules.

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