The exhibition area of Iranmal Grand Bazaar has a space of more than 15,000 square meters on five floors, and with facilities such as hotels, cultural, entertainment, cinema, sports, tourism, and various local restaurants and coffee shops, it has prepared a suitable platform for holding the exhibition industry.

The booths created in this exhibition have flexibility in their construction so that the dimensions of the booths can be changed quickly and in the shortest time according to the theme of the exhibition.

The design, production, supply and execution of all corridors and lobby of the exhibition have been made of White Angel crystal and very rare Gray wave stone, all of which have been implemented by mechanical installation method.

The floor of the international exhibition hall is made of moonlight granite, the dimensions are 90×90 and the thickness is 2 cm, and the dimensions of the stones are 180×320 cm, White Angel, the wall of the exhibition is 2 cm thick.

The power supply system of the exhibition from its floor has the ability to connect to the main systems, which is considered a very important possibility for the exhibitors, and also LED mechanism is used in the lighting with the lowest amount of electricity consumption.

The Iran Mall exhibition center has 16 elevators, of which 2 are VIP elevators and are for special guests, 10 elevators are for public transportation, and 4 elevators are dedicated to cargo, which are located on the south and west sides of the exhibition, and this center is also It is also equipped with an escalator that extends from the parking floor to the 2nd floor.