The Iran Mall Commercial and Recreational Project includes a ballroom which is located on the 4th commercial level and is directly connected to the hotels. It covers a total area of 15000 m2 which can hold over 700 guests. It can also be divided into two smaller halls to serve various needs and tastes. This hall is at one of the main plazas of Iran Mall, and the stores overlooking it were dedicated to the most luxurious brands from around the world. The specialty restaurants and cafes in the central space of the 2nd floor function to lead the visitors into the Almas arena so they can enjoy the very exquisite architecture of the inside.

Almas Ballroom is one of the focal points of the whole project. It stands 36 meters high, which runs along all floors (P2-R5), making it a unique feature of the design of the complex. The main floor of the hall corresponds to the 2nd commercial level, and covers an area of 770 m2. Almas Ballroom complements the Crystal Terrace (Eyvan-e Boloor), and the pair demonstrate an example of sublime cover.