Ayeneh Kari or mirror mosaic has long been a part of Iranian artistic tradition used to decorate palaces and holy sites. Examples of it can be seen in Sahebqaraniyeh Palace, Imam Reza’s Shrine, and the Mirror Hall at the Parliament [Majlis] building. One of the most beautiful parts of Iran Mall, Mirror Hall is inspired by the one in the Parliament building, which is an exquisite example of this artwork. This hall has a five sash windows [orsi] flanked by two doors to access the main corridor of the bazaar. Such halls are usually prepared to serve very special guests. This one, too, was decorated with 38 million pieces of mirror in 2 years to create a luxuriant space. The hall covers an area of 200 m2, and is paved with white angel crystal stones measuring 100*100*3, which manifold the glory of the place.

Carpet is another staple of Iranian art. There is a beautiful carpet in this hall measuring 126 m2, which is woven by skilled masters of Neyshabur.