The Cineplex is located on the 3rd and 4th floors to the west of the car show rooms. Its area is 5200 m2 and its height is 1360 m. The design of this complex has made the perfect use of the built area with a very wide variety of halls. There are 14 halls which sit over 2000 people, making it into one of the largest cineplexes across the nation. It features IMAX, ULTRAAVX, VIP, DBAX, ATOMS.DOLBY, 3DREALD, and Children’s halls. All halls are equipped with high-quality audio and video equipment and luxurious features. In fact, Iran Mall is the first venue ever to have brought all these technologies together under one roof, which can contribute to the promotion of cultural and social levels.

The Cineplex [Patdis] has 12 halls and sits 1800 people, and uses state-of-the-art technologies to screen local and foreign movies on social, children, the Holy Defence, and art and experience domains.

The features of this cineplex are as follows:

The most advanced audio isolation techniques to prevent the exchange of sounds between the inside and outside of the halls

The largest movie screen in Iran with the height of 8.2 meters

The largest silver screen for 3D movies, with 4k quality, using laser 3D glasses for the first time in Iran

State-of-the-art playback technologies of 4k quality

3D sound system of 26.1 AuroMax with 40 speakers around the hall and 8 behind the screen, used for the first time in Iran

Interior design of the halls with the most recent methods in 6 pefectly distictive categories

3 VIP halls each holding 17 seats with special design and facilities, for the first time in the country

VIP seats with adjustable backs and footrests

Using the integrated management system for the playbacks and automated controls for halls, with the possibility of receiving movies and films from satellites and simultaneous broadcasting for international shows

The most perfect fire fighting systems with standardized fire-resistant materials and equipment in the halls

Originally, the designs of lobby, corridors, and washrooms at the cineplex were done by Canadian designers, for which the ceramic had to be imported. However, RAD Co experts decided to eliminate the ceramic and use natural Iranian stones of supreme quality and custom design. All 2*2 cm pieces of stones were laid by masons.