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Robbin Arme Dezh

Road construction of Alisadr Cave in 1983
Supply and Execution of Stocks of Traditional Souq Cinema Market – International Exhibition – SuperLux Health Services in Iran’s Big Market Project
15-unit administrative building of Qanat Kosar and Saadat Abad

scope of activities of the company

-to offer consultation services regarding restoration and reconstruction projects of old buildings
-to involve in urban design and development of substructures,
-road construction and excavation operations using nailing technique,
-to engage in restoration and processing operation of rocks and supplying rocks,
-to handle brick masonry and finishing works,
-to offer any services in the field of architecture design-interior design,
-construction of Iranian traditional structures, 3D drawings,
-registration of engineering orders and implementation of the given projects

Recent projects

The latest projects carried out by Robin Armageddon Co. </ h3>